The life of the typical industrialized egg laying hen is far from nature's intentions. Most of the white eggs you buy from the grocery come from hens that will never spread their wings. Here at Sirna's we are the antithesis of that lifestyle.

Our Golden Buff hens spend their whole day outdoors, eating in the fields and greeting visitors, hoping for a treat.

Studies have shown that free-range, brown eggs are higher in vitamin D, since they spend their days enjoying outdoors, soaking up the sunshine, nibbling on grass and grubs. According to other findings, free-range eggs also have one-third less cholesterol than commercial eggs, one-fourth less saturated fat, two-thirds more vitamin A, two times more omega-3 fatty acids and seven times more beta carotene.


Our CSA will be starting as usual this year, if you are interested in signing up, please see our CSA Information and then complete your application.

Check out a recent article about the farm in Our Ohio.

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