Health Benefits

In our industrialized society most of our food is grown focusing on the highest yield, not health. At Sirna's we produce all of our food the way nature intended. The produce here is not sprayed with chemicals to keep insects off and weeds down. Instead, we use innovative and traditional techniques to keep these garden pests in line. Our animals are treated humanely and are free-range (our chickens will likely be the first to greet you when visiting the farm).

All of the products we sell are fresh and vine ripe. Since most fruits and vegetables travel a long distance to get on grocery store shelves, they are not vine ripe picked so they lack sweetness and nutritional value. The health benefits of eating local, fresh food cannot be ignored and if you want to visit the farm, you will see the taste can't be beat!

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Our CSA will be starting as usual this year, if you are interested in signing up, please see our CSA Information and then complete your application.

Check out a recent article about the farm in Our Ohio.

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