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Community Centered
Mission & Values

Our vision is to build community through the sales of and education of locally grown, produced and made products, with an attention to sustainable, regenerative, and community-conscious practices from land management, to animal welfare. As forward thinking farmers, we’ve learned that we’re stronger together, and our best success comes from working with nature, not against it.

Sirna’s Farm & Market’s mission is to provide locally grown, produced and made products that showcase and educate the community on the importance of sustainable agriculture and local food supply chains, while highlighting the talent and taste that can be found in Northeast Ohio.

It started with land stewardship

Craig & Anne Marie Sirna (owners) purchased the farm house and property in 1997 from a developer. The intentions from the beginning had been to keep the property as it had been for the past century - farmland. The land had not been worked in years, and the Sirna’s wanted to enjoy the land with their three children – Anthony, Kristen & Kaitlyn. With the support of Ohio State Extension, countless hours of self-education and attending workshops and classes, and participating in the Master Gardener program, the Sirna’s started what was to be a “hobby farm”.

Late 1990's

Quickly after moving to the farm, learning began- for the entire family! Anne Marie started the Master Gardener Program, and Kristen and Kaitlyn joined the Breeders & Feeders 4-H group.

With so much land, Anne's garden was rapidly expanding. Anne was sourcing heirloom seeds to grow and experimenting to learn what grew best in the soil. The abundant yields from the garden resulted in a roadside stand under a pop up tent.

Early 2000's

The family's commitment  to farming transformed the land from a hobby farm to a working farm. By this point, Craig had several Black Angus Cattle, were breeding livestock, raising laying hens and growing a lot more produce. Sirna's invested in several greenhouses, including a state of the art hydroponic greenhouse that was far before its time!


So much that attending farmers markets and selling at the roadside stand wasn't enough - alas Sirna's tore down the farm garage and built the Farm Market


By this point Sirna's Farm is equipped with several greenhouses that supported season extension, a full blown farm market stocking exclusively Ohio products, and had expanded the staff and field support greatly. Anne was managing the field, greenhouse and market operations, while Craig managed the large crops and livestock. Their three children assisted with sales at the farmers market, fall fest and launching the CSA program. 


In 2013, shortly after Craig retired from Bedford Heights Police Department, the family purchased the pizza shop down the street, launching their restaurant arm of their enterprise. 

After 25 years

Sirna's have celebrated many milestones including the success of the restaurant, transitioning farm management to a second generation and in 2022 they celebrated their 25th anniversary at the farm. 

The new era will begin a strategic planning
process to support the farms’ succession and transition planning in our ever

changing times.

As one of Craig's largest points of pride, purchasing and converting the 40+ acre property into what it is today - it is the intention that the land, farm and business will stay in the family for years to come.

Family photo taken on Sirna's Farm in August 2021

Currently Craig and Anne are still involved in operations, but Kristen has taken over as Farm Manager. Craig oversees the large fields and livestock, and is regularly found at the restaurant, Anne Marie is making all pasta, Anthony regularly assists at the restaurant and Kaitlyn and her partner/husband, Jeff live in upstate NY where she manages the communications and marketing for both the farm and restaurant and handles the administrative operations of the restaurant remotely.

Abundant Awards

Congratulations to Anne Marie and Kristen -year after year at The Great Geauga County Fair where they take home blue ribbons!

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